What will 2020 be known for? Plenty of negatives come to mind, sure, but one bright spot as we end the year is a new trend in hot drinks- Hot Chocolate Bombs!

These delightful spheres with a molded hard chocolate shell, cocoa mix, marshmallows and sprinkles hiding inside are so fun and so easy to use. Plop one into your fav mug and pour hot water or milk over and viola! Instant goodness!

Where can you find these little treasures locally and support small businesses to boot? I’m glad you asked!

Here’s a list of where to buy hot chocolate bombs this winter:

Private makers, please email or find these ladies on Facebook or call /text me for their email address:

Know of any others, please comment and let us know!

If you want to try your hand at homemade bombs (um, hot chocolate of course), tutorials are all over TikTok- so if you have a teen in your life, feel ask them to pull one up unless you’re a cool mom and have the app.

Here are a few sites with recipes, it’s a pretty straightforward process:

You may want to order the mold asap, so it’s ready to go! Here’s where to find it.

Have fun!

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